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Frequently asked questions

The Recall Petition

What happened to the recall?

Dec. 3, 2020 ended our 90 day recall, unfortunately we didn't get enough signatures.

What is BBP doing now?

BBP is a politcal watchdog organization and we will continue to be a voice for all Nevadans.

How can I help or become a BBP member?

You can help by signing up on this website using the Membership tab.

Why is BBP a Non Partisan Group?

Our focus is to work for ALL Nevadans regardless of their partisanship. What is best for Nevada is our goal.

Where is BBP located?

We are in all 17 counties in Nevada.

If I don't do social media, how do I stay updated?

Sign up for our newsletter and read our blog.

Will my information be kept private?

Yes, Your information will not be sold or distributed to anyone without your express permission. Ever. It is for use only within BBP.