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3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have a #RecallSisolak Petition

Listen, we know not everyone is comfortable offering their business as a recall petition signing location, but here are three reasons why we think you might want to consider joining us.

1. Every business is essential. If you own a business and were impacted and/or continue to be impacted by the Governor's overly restrictive shutdown mandates, this is your opportunity to show that all businesses are essential. How was it fair that locally-owned Nevada businesses were closed while large corporately-held "big box" stores were allowed to remain open? And, no offense to pet grooming businesses, how was it fair that barbers, hairdressers, nail technicians, estheticians, tattoo artists, and others were prohibited from providing services while our pets could get primped and pampered? What was the logic and science behind closing gyms, pools, and other venues where people exercise to reduce stress, lose weight, and improve their health - and by extension - their immunity levels? While many businesses are now re-opened, the added expenses tied to Covid-19 sanitation standards and reduced capacity constraints are surely cutting into the bottom line ... that is keenly felt by those who do not have deep corporate pockets to dig into. And unlike Steve Sisolak, Battle Born Patriots PAC has NOT forgotten those of you that own businesses that are still unable to thrive because your company depends on entertainment venues being opened or conventions coming to town. FULLY 99% of Nevada businesses qualify as small businesses (<500 employees)*. It seems to me that a Governor that had his constituency in mind would be taking actions daily to ensure the health of those small businesses instead of issuing politically-motivated proclamations, pandering to special interests, and participating in unnecessary photo-ops.

2. Capture new customers. Yea, I know on the surface it sounds strange, but right now there are so many people eager to sign a petition, you might just capture a few new customers by hosting a #RecallSisolak signing event. And don't worry, we will be following all local and state-mandated social distancing guidelines (even as pesky, intrusive, and downright ridiculous as some of them might seem) because we want EVERYONE to feel safe and welcome to sign a petition.

3. It's easy. Depending on the type of business and the number of employees you have, you may choose to be a permanent signing location that is staffed by our volunteers. Or, you may choose to have a dedicated team member(s) who is trained to collect signatures at your location. To get started: select "Volunteer" on the navigation banner at the top of this page and you'll be directed to our Volunteer form. Simply select "Business Owner" from the drop-down menu and we'll direct you to someone in your local area who can assist you. Help us save small businesses in Nevada by recalling Governor Steve Sisolak. Join our efforts today.

*A Snapshot of Nevada Small Business 2018 ANNUAL REPORT NEVADA SBDC

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