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Right-Wing Activists? Not Quite #KingSisolak ...

Dear Governor Sisolak, It takes quite a bit of chutzpah to send a fundraising email stating that our non-partisan recall effort is run by "right-wing” activists. Frankly, sir, that's not only inaccurate, it's disrespectful. I personally have been a registered independent since moving to Nevada in 1990. As most INDEPENDENTS do, I vote for the candidate that I believe will best serve me, regardless of party affiliation. I have voted for candidates on both sides of the aisle for as long as I have been voting, so branding me - and countless others who have volunteered to be a part of this recall effort - as "right-wing activists" is, in a word, insulting. And it is exactly why you are being recalled. You are entirely out of touch with the needs and suffering of the people of this state. Without getting into the many "partisan" issues that were the source of the ORIGINAL #RecallSisolak effort, I would like to focus solely on the one issue that has impacted ALL the residents of this state since March 13, 2020... the ECONOMY. North or South, East or West - the number one reason why Nevadans of all backgrounds, faiths, creeds, income brackets, and orientations are coming together to sign this new petition is simple: the ECONOMY.

Governor Sisolak, there are probably as many reasons to recall you as there are people in this state, but there is one thing that impacts every single one of them ... THE ECONOMY.

Business closures from COVID-19 catapulted Nevada's unemployment rate to 28.2 percent in April, the highest ever recorded for a U.S. state under your leadership. That was higher than the unemployment rates during THE GREAT DEPRESSION!

I ask you Governor Sisolak, is this unemployment data partisan politics?

How about this unemployment report? Is this written or informed by ”right-wing” activists? I think not. An estimated 15.5 percent of the Las Vegas area’s workforce was unemployed in August.

Governor Sisolak despite having had several months to fix our economy and get businesses back to business and hard-working Nevadans of all political affiliations back at work, our unemployment rate is the highest in the country ... 13.2%.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner... you've managed to hit the jackpot, AGAIN.

Sir, as you sat in that Vegas restaurant listening to "ambient music" ... did you think about how that would be seen by the thousands of people in this state whose livelihoods depend on live entertainment? Or the thousands more whose jobs are dependent upon those jobs?

And today, as we learned about the loss of yet another major Vegas event - the PBR Finals - did you spare a thought to any of the thousands of families who are dependent upon conventions and events that have now been lost to other venues, cities, and states who appear to have successfully figured out how to socially distance?

Frankly, it still boggles my mind that tribal casinos all over this country - especially those in Sacramento and Southern California - were open before the industry leaders on the Las Vegas Strip. There was even a protocol to reopen but you dragged your feet. And, as some of those "right-wing activists" like to point out, you continue to delay, hiding behind manipulated health department statistics and various commissions and boards.

Do you want to know why you are being recalled Governor Sisolak? In the words of Bill Clinton's winning 1992 presidential campaign strategist, James Carville, "It's THE ECONOMY stupid."

Yours truly, NV Liberty Bell, "Independent - Just like Nevada" P.S. Americans, regardless of their party affiliation abhor two things: hypocrites and tyrants. I really hope for your sake the rumors aren't true... I hope there isn't a photo of you in the owner's box at Allegiant Stadium enjoying a professional football game while countless Nevadans are out of work.

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