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Why I'm "Taking Nevada Back" ...

If you had told me 9 months ago that I would be volunteering my time to recall Governor Sisolak, I would never have believed you. In fact, while I'm embarrassed to admit it, until Covid-19 I wasn't even aware there was an effort to #RecallSisolak.

But that was then, and this is now.

Since Friday, March 13, my daughter's last day of high school, I have been wondering when our state was going to reopen. When I saw that one of the Native American tribes in Idaho had opened their casino using the "Wynn Protocol", I was sure that Governor Sisolak would spring into action, helping our casinos, restaurants, bars, conventional halls, entertainment venues, and other businesses to reopen quickly, with appropriate safety measures in place.

But Governor Sisolak never sprang into action. Instead, it seemed as if he was dragging his feet. It appeared to me that he was looking to make the reopening process as painful as possible.

As I saw more & more tribal casinos in Southern California, Arizona, and Washington open while the Las Vegas Strip remained shuttered, I began to question what was going on. And when, after several weeks of protests in Carson City, it became obvious that Sisolak had no intention of re-opening anything anytime soon, I made a beeline to my local gun store and signed the first "Recall Sisolak" petition. Unfortunately, despite the incredible efforts of dedicated volunteers, that initial recall effort failed to garner enough support, primarily because all non-essential businesses were shut down, making it impossible to collect the over 200K necessary signatures.

But that was then, and this is now.

I never dreamed that 6 months after that fateful day in March I would still be asking, "When can I go to Mass without making a reservation? When can I go to watch a band? When can I return to my gym without wearing a mask? When can I enjoy a beer with friends at a local bar?"

And I know that there are several folks who are still wondering, "When will I be able to return to work? How long will these restrictions last? Will Sisolak ever fix DETR?"

And we are not alone.

Thanks to Covid-19 Governor Sisolak has shown himself to be entirely unfit to lead the State of Nevada to hundreds of thousands more Nevadans (in addition to those who already knew what a disaster he was in February 2020).

And that is why, as of today, just a brief 13 days into this second recall effort, thousands of Nevadans have already signed, what I like to call "Recall Sisolak 2.0 aka the Battle Born Patriots edition."

Nevadan to Nevadan, no matter your party affiliation, if you voted in the 2018 election, I am asking you to join with us in Taking Nevada Back by recalling Governor Steve Sisolak.

Visit our Recall Sisolak Signing Locations page to find a county by county list of locations and "recall" signature collection events where you can put pen to paper (Nevada does not recognize online petitions). Then share this website with family and friends.

And of course, don't forget to follow us on Twitter @BattleBornPatriots.

Want to do more? Check out our Volunteer page where you can sign up to staff a recall event or table in your community or to offer your business as a permanent signing location.

We only have a few weeks to get this done! We hope you'll join us as we work to #RecallSisolak. We're looking forward to "Taking Nevada Back" with you.

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